Extra gas means more power,
for infrequent use and larger/deeper lesions.

The CryoPen B+ is designed to take our biggest N2O cartridges: 23.5g. Making it ideal for treating larger
or deeper lesions and for infrequent use. It’s ideal for General PractitionersPodiatrists and Veterinarians.

CryoPen B+ is also suitable in a mixed medical or veterinary practice
where several practitioners share the tools and want a variety of different devices.


Supplied with 3 applicators:

Orange/red 1-4mm applicator
White/red 2-6mm applicator
Green/red 4-8mm applicator

Orange, white and green applicators

To be used with 23.5g N2O cartridges:

1 box contains 6 cartridges – 1 carton contains 12 boxes

Box of 23,5g N2O Cartridges of CryoPen

Once punctured the pressure will remain without loss for many weeks.
Storage at room temperature.