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CryoPen O is an all-purpose cryosurgery device for regular use. Accurett is the ideal easy-to-use but high-performing cryosurgery device for smaller or superficial lesions.

2Cryo brings these two tools together into one very convenient set – complete with its own handy carrying case.

Typical users are General Practitioners, Gynecologists, Urologists, Pediatricians and Estheticians who use cryosurgery frequently in their therapeutic practice.

Accurett 8g
Supplied with 1 applicator:

White/black 2-5mm applicator

To bo be used with 8g CO2 cartridges:

1 box contains 24 cartridges – 1 carton contains 12 boxes

CryoPen O 16g

Supplied with 3 applicators:

Blue/red 1-3mm applicator
White/red 2-6mm applicator
Green/red 4-8mm applicator

To be used with 16g cartridges:

1 box contains 6 cartridges – 1 carton contains 12 boxes

Once punctured the pressure will remain without loss for many weeks. Storage at room temperature.