Extra gas means more power,
for infrequent use and larger/deeper lesions.

CryoProbe B+ is designed to take our biggest N2O cartridges: 23.5g.
Making it ideal for treating larger or deeper lesions and for infrequent use. It’s ideal for Dermatologists and Podiatrists.

And of all the models in our range, this is the preferred device for Veterinarians.
CryoProbe B+ is also suitable in a mixed medical or veterinary practice where several practitioners share the tools
and want a variety of different devices.


Supplied with 3 applicators:

Orange/red 1-4mm applicator
White/red 2-6mm applicator
Green/red 4-8mm applicator

Orange, white and green applicators

To be used with 23.5g N2O cartridges:

1 box contains 6 cartridges –¬†1 carton contains 12 boxes

Box of 23,5g N2O cartridges of CryoProbe

Once punctured the pressure will remain without loss for many weeks.
Storage at room temperature.