The perfect cryosurgery tool for removing small or superficial benign
lesions such as sun spots, age spots, skin tags and small warts.

CryoProbe M is suitable for less-frequent use or for smaller/superficial lesions.
Typical users are General Practitioners, Dermatologists, Pediatrics and Estheticians.
CryoProbe M is also suitable in a mixed medical practice
where several practitioners share the tools and want a variety of different devices.


Supplied with 2 applicators:

Blue/red 1-3mm applicator
White/red 2-6mm applicator

White and blue applicators

To be used with 8g N2O cartridges:

1 box contains 24 cartridges – 1 carton contains 12 boxes

Box of 8g N2O cartridges of CryoProbe

Once punctured the pressure will remain without loss for many weeks.
Storage at room temperature.